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How to make the perfect espresso

Making the perfect espresso is crucial to a lot of people, due to the role coffee plays in everyday life. It’s heavily relied upon to brighten up your day by making you active and ready to focus. If you are keen to make sure your espresso is perfect, then make sure you consider all of the following things. The essence of the espresso is the coffee involved. Where you get your espresso is extremely important. The taste for the perfect espresso can be subjective. If you want something fruity use a light roast. If you want complexes brews then go for a dark roast.

The temperature and equipment involved has to be maintained carefully. Make sure you always utilize the purest water you can find. Without any sediments or minerals. If you feel the regular tap water is just not cutting it then find another source you can trust. The temperature of the water should be anywhere in the 200 to 2005 degrees Fahrenheit range. The quality of your espresso machine and grinder are very important. If you feel like your machine is not unto scratch then don’t hesitate to get a new one. Especially, if you’re entire brand is predicated on selling the best espresso in town. A simple upgrade can go a long way.

About 9 to 10 grams of ground coffee can be used per shot of espresso. The beans usually have to be ground really fine for espresso, so make sure your grinder is capable of delivering. The yield is the tricky part to determine. As a rule of thumb you can aim for 30 grams. About the quantity to fill a shot glass more or less. If you are going to measure this using the time alone then it should be around 25 seconds from when the extraction starts till the moment your glass is full.

The characteristics that you need to look out for are pretty straight forward. If your extract tastes way to bitter then you have over done it. If it’s sour then you have extracted less or the water temperature wasn’t right. Make sure your shot is not watery to obtain the perfect espresso.