Espresso machine accessories

There are many important accessories that are absolutely essential for your Espresso machine. This is especially true if you are operating in the commercial space. We have listed some that are amazing Espresso machine accessories.

Knock box – these are really cool to remove the extra or used up stuff from the filter. This process can get extremely messy if you don’t have a knock box. You will find this very often in commercial settings too.

Steam Pitchers – The style of the steam pitcher can greatly determine the quality of your latte art. If you have a wide sprout design that most pitchers have then it can be a challenge to draw shapes. These are often bell shaped and sometimes have just a little handle. Get one with a tapered nose so that the flow is well concentrated. If you have 11oz pitchers then they can be really useful for making macchiato. If you are a cappuccino person then buy yourself something around 16oz capacity.

Cleaning supplies – The most commonly overlooked item on the shelf next to an Espresso machine. Hygiene is vital for your business. If you have cleaning equipment that does not damage your machine then it’s great. Especially when cleaning the internal elements of a machine make sure the taste is not influenced by the solution used.

Tampers – These can vary from anything around $5 to well over $100. Tampers can greatly influence your experience of making great shots of Espresso. Tampers are great for compression and we all know pressure is vital for an amazing Espresso.

Cups – If you are running a shop, the worst thing you can do is under stock your amount of cups and saucers. People like to drink coffee in a variety of ways. Some prefer to have it while standing up too. So make sure you stack up on cups and saucers and have plenty of extras as these are very vulnerable and prone to damage.

You can also buy other accessories like cleaning brushes for the filters, towels to wipe your hand and the counter after pouring a drink. Shot glasses are a great addition too. A larger sized glass can be good for tea as well.